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My name is Kevin Whitworth, and this is my Jacurutu blog (at www.jacurutu.org.uk). I was born in the 70's, left school in the early 90's and graduated in the late 90's with an MEng in Electronic Engineering. I worked for a year for the local police, before leaving and temping in Leeds. Then in 1999, I was offered a job in an ISP creating the CDs that they used to give out in stores (and later, elsewhere). I took the job, and worked upwards until I became Principal Enterprise Architect. Meanwhile, my wife, who I met in York in 1996, left her job for the NHS in York and we moved north. This involved me quitting the ISP and going freelance as an Enterprise Architect for hire. I did a few projects in London and Edinburgh until 2010.

Then, in August, I was on a kayaking trip. We stopped on an island for lunch. After lunch, I went for a bit of a climb, which is where my problems started. Unfortunately, a large chunk of the cliff I was holfing on to fell off, taking me with it. I fell about 10 to 20 feet into shallow water. The coastguard flew there helicopter to recover me to hospital, who then sent me on to a hospital in Glasgow. I spent a couple of months there before being transferred to Murdostoun Brain Injury Rehab Centre. After 18 months there, from having arrived unconscious and immabile, I walked out of there in splints with a walking frame.

It's now 2016 and I've lost the splints and the walking frame. I'm now living in northeast England, after spending 2013/2014 studying NQ Multimedia & Computing at the local college. In Jan 2016, I'm going to attend Walkergate Park Centre for Neurorehabilitation and Neuropsychiatry who can hopefully help fix my brain after my local hospital fixed my body.

I attend the local drop-in in centre, where I'm doing Photography, Web Design (where I'm writing this) and Graphic Design. In January, I'm starting a Glass workshop. I also attend sessions at another place on Thursday PM and Friday AM. I've been installing software on their laptops, but have just made a wooden picture of a photo I took of a flash gun.

So that's it. As I said, I'm Kevin Whitworth, and you're now on my blog Jacurutu (www.jacurutu.org.uk). Enjoy!

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